Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016 Week 4 In Review

The Week in Pictures
 A glimpse into our schoolroom here in our temporary home...
 The view out the window - that is Christ the King school and the kids love playing with the school children after school.  Also, Christ the King Parish is in that building - so what could be more convenient than walking across the parking lot to a daily 8:30am Mass!  We couldn't ask for a nicer "temporary home" and we are very grateful for the use of the rectory until we find our new Vermont home.
 An evening sunset view out the window :-)
A peek into our classroom on a "typical" homeschool day.  Luke's desk and work space.
 Miriam at work at her desk.
 Thomas hard at work as well :-)
 An evening game of chess - we miss Green Bay Chess club but are enjoying the seeds planted by attending!
 A glimpse into the Atrium at our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd - this is Miriam's group during their presentation on looking things up in scripture.
 A special presentation for William and Miriam to show them how to prepare the cruets for Mass. 
 Thomas learning how to do a new "work."
 Luke learning how to do one of the "works."
 Luke has a presentation while Thomas is hard at work at the table.  I need this to happen in my homeschool more often :-)
 Family Game night playing the Settlers of Catan.

 The kids had fun making things for their stuffed animals this week - Wolf got a super cape and Elephant has a new saddle.
 Miriam made a pie for dessert and she and Thomas are decorating the pie with chocolate chips.  Yes - that's William in the background wearing his fake teeth.
 Miriam's pie.

 Luke's "Bat Mobile" made from his legos.
Hello from John!

A couple more "stuffed animal accessories". 

Highlights from this week:

1. We have found a potential "home" to buy and are praying a novena to see if this is where God wants us to be.  Prayers for things to go smoothly in the purchasing process would be appreciated (for this house or whatever house we end up with).

2. William had his 2nd day of language/verbal evaluations and we look forward to meeting with the evaluators and getting their feedback sometime next week.

3. There is actually a Benedictine Monastery in Vermont and Phil was able to visit it when he went up to visit the Northeast Kingdom(the Northeastern part of Vermont) this week.  I'm looking forward to taking the kids to visit sometime soon.

4.Phil's been giving a weekly video update about his work here in Vermont and it will soon be available on the Diocesan website.

God is so good to our family and we continue to be grateful for His many blessings!  Know that our prayers are with you!

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