Sunday, January 22, 2012

Celebrating LIFE

“Children truly are the family's greatest treasure and most precious good. Consequently, everyone must be helped to become aware of the intrinsic evil of the crime of abortion. In attacking human life in its very first stages, it is also an aggression against society itself. Politicians and legislators, therefore, as servants of the common good, are duty bound to defend the fundamental right to life, the fruit of God’s love.” 
Pope Benedict XVI, Address at a Meeting on Family and Life Issues in Latin America, December 3, 2005

Today, Sunday January 22nd is an important anniversary.  Thirty-nine years ago abortion was legalized in the United States and every mother was given the "choice" to embrace their unborn children or kill them in their early stages of development.  Thirty-five years ago my parents were married on this day and chose life.  I could very well have been one of the victims of choice, but instead my parents embraced marriage at the tender ages of 18 and 20 on this very anniversary that has brought so much death and pain and suffering to families.  In fact my mother embraced the 10 children who were given her and mourned the 1 who was miscarried before he or she could enter into our family.  I am so grateful to my parents for their commitment to life despite the many sacrifices it meant and for the gift of my life and the life of each of my siblings!

Their grandchildren and son and daughters-in law are grateful for their dedication as well!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!