Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weeks 29 & 30 In Review

 The Past Two Weeks in Pictures:

First Broccoli and Zucchini from the garden - we have a great harvest this year!

My Mother's Day rose bush bloomed.  

Luke completed a bridge building Lego challenge at the Library.  

 He also designed a boat and dock for display at the Library as well.  
 The children were able to attend some neat programs at our local Library -
 this one was on archaeology.
Miriam and William also got to design their own arcade game.  

 A nice action shot of Dad wrestling with the boys - 
they call it "tornado" in honor of Phil's storm chasing days.

William loved his wood working camp.  He completed 4 projects in 5 days and he's now saving up to buy his own wood working tools.  
 William is showing off the birdhouse he build in his wood working class. 

Fun at the park!

 For Father's Day, each of the kids made a stepping stone for dad with either their hand or foot prints but I didn't take a picture until now.
Phil camped out again with the kids and the evening  was beautiful.  The tent passed the rain test keeping everyone dry through the early morning shower that came down. 

Every now and then this little blue monster shows up on my porch. 

We were able to go to St. Anne's Shrine for the Jubilee of Families for our diocese's celebration of the Year of Mercy.
The day was perfect and the kids had a great time swimming in Lake Champlain.  

William had a driving lesson on Grandpa John's 4 wheeler.  
We welcomed our Chinese Exchange Students, "Irene" and "Elsa" to our family and it has been such a blessing to have them here this week!
Thomas is doing a great job with riding his bike.  He's my first 3 year old to get the hang of pedaling.  
We got to ride the bus to a Lake Monsters Game with the Chinese Exchange Students group.

Here's another of Luke's creations.
Elsa and Irene invited friends over to cook for us - we had a delicious Chinese meal.

We also enjoyed "open gym" with the Exchange students and our kids loved it and are already asking to go again sometime.

Today we went to New Hampshire for a Magdalen Alumni Mass and gathering in honor of St. Mary Magdalen's feast day on Friday.  It was wonderful to see some old friends and meet some new ones!  After Mass we stopped by the SEE Science Center with the kids since we still have a free pass to various museums around the country.  One of the demonstrations was to experience "walking on the moon." and the kids really enjoyed our visit.

On our way home we stopped for a quick visit to the Magdalen College Campus where I gave Phil and the awake children a brief tour of campus.  I have so many joyful memories from this beautiful college campus!  It was a joyful day!

In other news:
The past two weeks have been so full and the time is flying by quickly!    
Since William enjoyed his wood working so much, we decided to enroll him in a second week which is next week. 
Our Exchange Students will be with us until next Sunday and we'll have a few more special activities with them.  

May God bless your families our prayers are with you - please pray for us!  

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  1. Wow!!! Lot's going on. William did a great job on the woodworking. Miriam look's so cute harvesting in the garden. Luke's lego's look terrific. Thomas is doing a great job on his bike. And John looks so cuddly!!!! Especially like the "blue monster" on the porch. As always, Love the Pictures and update!!!