Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our Homeschooling Adventure - The What, How and Why

Are you ready for an Adventure? Let's go, what are you waiting for?

Ever since my first post on our Homeschooling Adventure, I intended to give updates about our homeschool days. 
Many drafts have been begun, only to be left incomplete in the "to post" file until they were out-dated as things became busy.  Well, this time, I've planned and begun to write a whole series of posts on what we're studying, how our homeschooling is going and how we've organized our days.  I'll be posting them each week with pictures.

As each family prepares their "Homeschool" they put a lot of time and thought into choosing the education and curriculum that best fits their family's particular dynamics from the many options out there.  I think it's helpful to see what has worked for other families and so I hope my posts are helpful for you though every Homeschool will be a bit different . There are, of course, many wonderful blogs out there.  If you've stumbled across mine, hopefully it'll help you to see what it's like to step into a homeschooling family's day :-)

I'll be posting on the following topics on the dates listed below in parenthesis and linking them back to this post as I publish them.

The Schedule and How our Day is Organized

Helpful Organization in Our Classroom

Our Curriculum this year(Grade 2 and Kindergarten):

Calendar Activities

Language Arts

 Math (10-23-13)



Religion (11-13-13)

Spanish and Latin(11-20-13)

P.E., Music, and Art (11-27-13)

A Lifestyle of Learning  - Learning throughout the day, Field trips, and Friends (12-1-13)

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