Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1st Day of School!

Yesterday was our first day of school at Sancta Familia Academy!
This year we have four students in our homeschool and we are beginning our third year.  
William is in 2nd Grade
Miriam is beginning Kindergarten (but thinks she's in 1st Grade.)
Luke our Preschooler
Thomas who's in "play school"
The children were excited for our first day!
Here is a quick video of our first day as we got started in our classroom.

We'll be moving in October (If, God-willing, all goes smoothly with our home purchase) so I did not spend a lot of time preparing the classroom space but spent more time organizing our day. It is a bit tricky to make the day go smoothly with four students at such varying levels of maturity.  The kids enjoyed the day and we got through most of what I had planned so I think the day was a success.

Our format is very similar to what we've been doing the past two years.  I plan what we will do for the day and the order we'll do it in but the time is very flexible.  I also have planned some quiet time activities for each child to work on while I work with them individually in Language Arts and Math but we still do the bulk of our learning together for Calendar Activities, Religion, Science, History, Latin/Spanish, Music and Physical Education.  Since William is in 2nd grade now he'll be able to do more work independently so he can do extra activities for the subjects as needed in our "quiet work times".  We'll see how it goes!   

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