Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thomas turned 1 Today!

Happy Birthday to my little Thomas!  This little guy is eager to keep up with his siblings and like William and Miriam was walking  by 10 1/2 months old! (He's sporting a band-aid he earned today as a result of this hard-earned skill.)  He really enjoyed the balloons Grandma sent him and loved celebrating his special day with all his siblings and Aunt Jenny!

To celebrate Thomas' birthday we went to the Oneida Nation's big Apple Festival where he enjoyed the festivities.  We even got to see Rhia the Trick Horse perform.  It was fun to watch all of her tricks including praying, giving hugs, fetching a ball and water from a cooler, teaching the kids to dance and painting a picture!  The kids loved it.

We made two special cakes for Thomas' birthday both Gluten-free :-)  A smash cake for Thomas with no sugar added (not even in the frosting). 
And a flour-less chocolate cake for everyone else.  Which the kids helped decorate :-)  It had plenty of sugar.

Thomas really enjoyed his special day!

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