Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weeks 24 and 25 In Review

The Weeks in Pictures: 
Thomas caught a frog in the woods. 
After the rains the weeds took over the garden, but we reclaimed it!
The after picture :-)
Fun times in the four wheeler at "Grandpa John & Grandma Fern's" house. 

The kids each got to ride a horse at a local horse riding school open house. 

They also got a grooming lesson. 
Luke celebrated his Baptism Day on June 12th. 
I got a couple more saints painted - I'm still working on saints for all of my nieces :-) Above is St. Agnes and below, St. Michael.

 This is the reason last week's post didn't get posted - Phil left on Monday for a conference in Baltimore to learn how to be the Diocesan Representative for CRS.  His flight home on Thursday got cancelled so he got a bonus night in the "Crystal City" Arlington, VA before flying home from Washington DC on Friday.  We were quite happy to have him home!
 While Phil was gone we spent some more time at John and Fern Rainville's - the kids got to help with a big bonfire.

 William also discovered the home of a  mama racoon inside a hollow tree while we were there,
 This is a huge Maple tree that William climbed. 
 We were blessed to attend a holy hour for the soon to be ordained seminarians on Friday evening.  When we got home, Thomas had his own benediction.  
It was beautiful to be able to attend the ordination with the children.  Since I was in back with John, I got this great picture of the laying on of hands as well as a couple others that I'll use with the kids to talk about the Sacrament of Holy Orders since it is likely they will be witnessing their father's ordination to the Diaconate in the not too distant future.  

 We had a wonderful Father's day with Phil - all the more special because we were so happy to have him home again!
 Phil helped the kids set up camp in our woods.  They picked out a great site!
 The chickens are getting bigger!

 Here's a picture of some of the painting on the play ground - we're still working on it but the kids had fun putting their hand prints on the playground.

 Enjoying a warm chocolate cookie with ice cream topping and M&M's before heading out to the campsite.  
 The Lawson campground express - taking camping gear and kids to their campsite.
The view of the sunset from the woods.  Our campground is officially open - all friends and family members are welcome!!

Praise the Lord for His many blessings!  What a beautiful and amazing gift Fatherhood is - I am so grateful for my father, my grandfathers and for all those who have been fathers to me - teachers, priests, and those who have been there to teach and guide and love unconditionally, mercifully.  I am also so very grateful for my husband and the father of my children - I couldn't ask for a more wonderful, thoughtful and loving husband and father.  God has truly blessed us!   May our Heavenly Father watch over you and guide you tonight and always!  Our prayers are with you, please pray for us as well!

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