Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 4: 20{4}40

61. Blooming Violets
62. warm spring days
63. melting snow
64. grace
65. the Library
66. new books and videos and CD's from the Library
67. a newly crawling baby
68. cloth diapers
69. St. Adalbert's
70. The parents who volunteer to teach CCD
71. The parent who helps me in the office :-)
72. That the Sacrament of Confirmation gives the grace necessary to those receiving it
73. the innocence of children
74. Guardian Angels
75. That God gives the grace to accomplish all that is necessary
76. Bedtime
77. A husband safely home
78. An evening that I did not have to wear a jacket
79. Happy children, fed, bathed, and snuggled in their beds for the night
80. That every day is a new beginning and opportunity to grow closer to Christ

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