Sunday, September 4, 2016

Weeks 35 & 36 In Review

August 22 to September 3rd in pictures: 

School has officially started!  
(Thanks to Angel for taking this picture on our first day of school!)
I've always wanted to have uniforms for our home school "Sancta Familia Academy" and this year it worked out to have them. I'm so excited. I have to admit I just love seeing kids in uniforms. 

 We enjoyed a morning at our local Fairfax Falls with the Gebeau's while they were here.

I was able to attend one of Phil's presentations - it was great to be able to hear his presentation - at least as much of it as John allowed.

 Soccer is in full swing - this was Luke's first evening practice.

 While William was at soccer, Miriam and Luke got to participate in a "spy night" at our local library- they had to break a secret code, make a disguise and get through this tricky obstacle course without setting off the alarms.

Here are some classroom in action shots.  Above is our daily school week schedule.
 Luke and Thomas in their school desks.
The older two hard at work.
Even John has his space in the school room. 

Here is some science in action.  William found a monarch butterfly caterpillar on the milkweed near our home and we dug out our butterfly container to watch the transformation.
Sure enough, within a couple days it formed this chrysalis

We then got to witness the butterfly emerge!
Here's a  picture just before we set if free.   

We've had some beautiful weather - here's a picture of in the woods.  Can you find Luke?

 Here are the youngest two just hanging out in the wagon.
 We have a sunflower in our garden that is 11 feet tall!

William caught a fish while fishing with dad on Saturday.

These little saints are now at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help ready for Mother's Teresa Canonization today. St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!!

What we're up to: 

Our first 2 weeks of school have gone well! We have settled into our new routine - as much as this is possible with 5 small children - and are enjoying the challenges and joys of homeschooling. Now if I can just get the toddler to play quietly all day....

We'll be attending a conference in New York on Sept. 25th - Inspire Called to Love. It's completely free including child care and lunch. I'm really excited because they have some pretty amazing speakers Bishop Robert Barron and George Wiegel and our own Bishop Coyne.  

Just a few short weeks until our trip to San Diego! We are so excited to see family in San Diego in October! 

And the big news: We again stand in awe at God's plan for our family as He guides each step of our way. As many of you know, Phil felt called to discern the diaconate about 6 years ago and entered into formation in La Crosse Diocese.  God then called us out of central Wisconsin and has led us an unexpected but joyful journey which has taught us to surrender completely to His plan and see the beauty of trusting completely in His loving care. Again, in Green Bay, Phil entered into formation just before God called us to move to Vermont where Phil as part of his interview process mentioned to Bishop Coyne that he felt called to the diaconate and asked about formation here. Bishop Coyne, to our surprise, joy, and awe at God's plan, has decided to ordain Phil to the diaconate on February 11, 2017 - the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. He will be receiving the rite of candidacy on September 15th (Our Lady of Sorrows) and then continue with preparations for this holy sacrament which will join the graces of ordination to the ministry God has called him to through his work in the diocese for the Church and her work of evangelization. Praise the Lord for His many blessings! Please pray for our family as we continue this journey of service under Our Lady's guidance. You are each in our daily prayers!  


  1. Life is really busy for all of you. Love the tall sunflower. I have pictures of Phil and his brothers in front of the sunflowers I grew. Wonderful memories. What fun with the butterfly. Glad they had the chance to see it turn from Caterpillar to butterfly! Hope it is a great school year.

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