Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weeks 33 & 34 In Review

August 10- August 21st in Pictures: 
We were able to have our shrine blessed this weekend!  Our Pastor Fr. Henry Furman came over to bless it and friends Jean and Fern Rainville were also present for the blessing since most of the rocks Phil used to build the shrine came from their home.  

 A travelling exhibit/ movie about the red tail squadron was at our local Air Force base - so we were able to go on base to watch the movie and see the exhibit.

 A few of the kids made it into our local paper in pictures of the mini-renaissane faire at the library.
 Fun with magnets
 Luke's Lego creations have been getting more detailed.  Here's a super hero play ground.
 Hanging out in the tent with Dad.  Luke made a tent "academy" for Thomas where he taught Thomas to write and sword fight with Dad's help.
 John's been having a rough couple of weeks due to teething.  Mass isn't his favorite part of the day.
 Marshmallow creations
 Some of our gladiolas bloomed this week!
 A picture of the completed shrine.  Phil built the shrine, I added the rock rosary. 
We had a fun summer play date/ picnic with some of the local homeschooling families on Friday.  
I preserved some of our harvest of zucchini in baked goods and shredded for the freezer.  

Our friends the Gebeaus arrived for a visit!  They traveled all the way from WI with a 5 week old and now we have 10 children in our home all having a great time!
 A group shot of all 10 children.   Angel teaches 6th grade religious ed at the parish Phil worked at for 11 years in Steven Point and began around the same time Phil started as DRE/youth minister.  
 We are ready for school to begin this week - the classroom is ready.  
The lesson plans are done.  Watch for 1st day of pictures in our next update!

Praise the Lord for His many blessings!  Our prayers are with you, please remember us in yours!

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