Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weeks 19 & 20 in Review

 Weeks 19 & 20 in Pictures: 
 On Saturday morning we had the perfect conditions to launch our rocket.  

If you look carefully at the speck in the sky you can see how high the rocket went.  Our neighbors joined us for the launch.  
 Unfortunately we weren't able to get far enough from the trees so it landed in the trees.
 Phil helped the kids find a toad.

We've been blessed to make friends at Mass with a retired farmer.  He and his wife have adopted our kids and it's a great blessing since we're so far from family.  He came over with his tractor and prepared our garden for us - he even brought fertilizer - we look forward to our biggest and best garden yet!
"Grandpa John" & "Grandma Fern" kept 100 acres from what was once their 400 acre farm.  Grandpa John likes to take the kids for rides in his 4 wheeled ATV around the property and this was one of the stops - a giant rock.  

 We made cookies to celebrate Pentecost Sunday today.

For Mother's day Phil gave me a new rose bush :-)
 The kids displayed some of their artwork at our end of the year home school talent show.
 The boys enjoyed some time at Lego club at the library.
 The kids' favorite place to play - the dirt hill.  The bathtub and laundry machine are doing double duty as a result. :-)
They got an extra hill from the grass layer that was over the garden plot.  
John turned 13 months old on May 10th. 

Other Highlights: 
We are busy wrapping up our school year and looking forward to enjoying the nice spring and summer weather.  We're scheduled to finish May 27th and I'm working on the children't portfolios to submit to the state and making our summer plans as well as preparing our curriculum for next year.  I'm looking forward to going to a Homeschool conference next Saturday in Montpelier, VT.

The kids have been enjoying weekly "homeschool swim lessons" at a local gym each Friday.   They have a great program where the kids get 50 minute swim lessons for 6 weeks.  We're really enjoying it.  William and Miriam will also have their first piano recital next Saturday!

This Wednesday we get to go visit and have lunch at the monastery of the cloistered Benedictine Sisters in Westfield Vermont - a little over an hour drive away.  Miriam has been praying for a sister Myriam who will soon be making her profession at the end of May as an extern sister there.   

Happy Pentecost and may the Holy Spirit aid us to bring the Gospel and Christ's love to all we meet! Our prayers are with you, please pray for us! 


  1. you have had a busy week. Love the rocket launch.... Great picture of you (Patty) with the kids. Glad to see you getting along so well with the neighbors and how wonderful of him to dig it up for you.

    1. Thanks Grandma! It seems that life is very busy right now! I forgot to post pictures of the chicken coop Phil has been working on as well - our chickens are coming next week!