Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Mother's Day Reflection

A Mother's Day Reflection:
Today on Mother's Day, my heart overflows with gratitude for the gift of life I've been given.  So I have tried to find the words to say Thank you with my whole heart to the Mothers who have taught me to be a mother.
First, I must thank my Blessed Mother whose "Fiat" allows me a share in the life of Grace, a share in God's own Life which is greater than and more precious to me than any other gift and the source of all joy.

Next I thank my grandmothers - beautiful women through whom my parents received the gift of life and faith and whose unconditional love formed me in my earliest years.
My Mom's mother, my Memere, is looking down at my younger brother on the left side of the photo.
My dad'd mother, my Abuelita, is wearing a corsage at my wedding.

Next I thank my Mother, through whom I received the gift of life, and who's beautiful faith and generosity has so enriched my life.  I am so grateful for all the sacrifices you  have made for me and I strive to love my little ones as you love us!  I love you Mom!!

And to my Mother-in-Law whose love allowed me to be a mother through her son and whose friendship is a treasured gift.  I couldn't ask for a better Mother-in-law:-)  I love you!

I am also so grateful for all the love I have been surrounded by and the many other wonderful mothers whose example and love strengthens me in my vocation.  There are too many of you to begin to mention you one by one but each of you are cherished and loved.  My heart swells with gratitude for the many heroic women who have given of themselves so generously to their families always having room to love one more as well as to those who have chosen Spiritual Motherhood whose life of prayer strengthens me in my vocation!  You are my models in love and motherhood.

Some of the lessons in motherhood that I have learned from these amazing mothers are to love my children whole-heartedly and without reserve; yet, to teach them to be virtuous and love God first in a gentle but firm way.  To do whatever is necessary to be an advocate for the children God has entrusted me, praying always for the grace to do what is best for them.   To be diligent in serving my family, seeking always to create a loving home for them at the heart of which is an unconditional love.  To welcome guests to my home with joy and gratitude, inviting them to be "part of the family."   There are so many more lessons each of you have taught me but time and words fail me.  Though I often fall short of these ideals, I strive to live and love my family as I've seen each of you do. I thank you, with my whole heart for the love you've shown me and for teaching me how to be a mother.  My prayers and thoughts are with you especially on this Mother's Day!

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