Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Week 14 In Review

The Week in Pictures: 

 Aunt Jenny came to visit us!  She drove all the way from Wisconsin in "Molly" her trusty car to spend Easter week with us. 
 She did the finishing touches on Miriam's 1st Communion dress while she was here. 
 Jello Easter eggs :-)
 She made these amazing eggs for each of the children!
 Miriam's beautiful First Communion dress made from the Wedding dress I wore in Rome when Phil and I received our "Sposi Novelli" Papal Blessing on our honeymoon.  Thank you Aunt Jenny!!
A bit of Super hero fun - here are my "Tiny Titans" :-)
 We set up the "Play Mass" Altar in the boys' room and Thomas was really excited to play Mass.  In fact, this morning while the older kids were home schooling, I found him upstairs in his room playing Mass.
 I was asked to paint Our Lady of Guadalupe for the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help along with some more St. Therese peg dolls.

We made a Rice Krispie Lamb Cake to finish off the Easter Octave.  
I had intended to frost it but due to sickness we kept it really simple :-)

Highlights from the Week:

We loved spending time with Aunt Jenny but the days passed much too quickly and were way too short - we miss you already!  

Thomas and Phil had been fighting a cold and it caught up with everyone else on Saturday.  Poor John was up every hour so unfortunately the younger children stayed home with Mom on Divine Mercy Sunday.  Everyone is on the mend now though I can hear the echo of coughs as I type.  

May the blessings of Divine Mercy Sunday and the delayed Feast of the Annunciation be with your families!  Our prayers are with you, please continue to pray for us!