Sunday, March 6, 2016

2016 Week 10 In Review

 The Week in Pictures: 
 I love this statue of St. Anne teaching Mary!  It is at St. Joseph's Co-Cathedral in the lower chapel where we attended the Traditional Latin Mass last Sunday.
The kids had a lot of fun with friends at the gathering after Mass. 

A couple cute pictures of Luke - He can often be found with the Cd player listening to songs, memory work and books on tape.  He also often falls asleep with a book :-)
  Movie day at the Library!  

We went up to Fairfax to visit our soon to-be new house.  We explored the library, and had a brief stop to explore the frozen river but it was a bit too slippery to get very far out on the ice.  Only 12 more days until closing day!
 Watching Veggie Tales with friends :-)
 We finished assembling our rocket, the Amazon, for CSH Science!  We still need to build the launch pad and then have a second smaller rocket to assemble. The kids are excited to launch it after we move.

 On Saturday we attended the Home Depot's kids workshop and
the kids made "wee little wagons."  William and Miriam were able to assemble theirs completely on their own and I helped Luke and Thomas who did a great job!  

 This week I painted St. Tarcisius.  I'm planning to send Saint dolls to my 1st Communion students in Green Bay.  I was teaching 2nd grade Religious Education before we moved and though I had to leave them in the middle of the year I'm praying for them and will send them some little saints for their First Communion Day April 24th.   St. Tarcisius for the boys and St. Immelda for the girls. 

Phil made a wooden Castle for William a few years ago and the children requested some knights.  I'm painting them some for Easter - each child has their special knight: Sir William the Blue Knight; Sir Luke the green Knight, Sir Thomas the Yellow Knight and Sir John the Small Knight :-)  Then there is Princess Miriam.  Now we just need to find the Castle when we move :-)

Highlights from the week:

We finished our third quarter of school this week!  The year has flown by, it's hard to believe we have only 9 weeks of schoolwork left!   We are planning to take 2 weeks off for Easter but it may end up being 3 weeks off since we'll be moving just before Holy Week, Aunt Jenny is coming to visit Easter Week and Grandma is coming the following week.  Either way we should be done by either the end of May or the first week of June. :-)

William begins his instruction at the Stern Center on Monday - I'm really excited to see how this helps him make the leap into independent reading.  He is doing well with beginning readers and loves listening to books on tape but I would so love for him to be able to read what he wants to read rather than waiting for me to help him.  I'm also eager to see the techniques they use so we can incorporate them into our home school curriculum. :-)

Laetare!  We continue to rejoice in the Lord's many blessings and pray that the penitential joy of Lent may bloom into the glorious joy of Easter in each of our hearts!  Praise the Lord, who teaches us to love truly by serving others!  Our prayers are with you, please pray for us as well!

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