Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016 Week 12 In Review

The Week in Pictures: 
 Last Sunday, we enjoyed some Irish Ceili dancing in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  The McFadden Academy of Irish dance led the children in some dancing.  
 We got to explore the woods on our new property on a beautiful day - these pictures don't do it justice but we are so excited to enjoy our new 5.8 acres of land!

 On St. Patrick's Day, the children were able to prepare for Holy Week by enjoying a Seder meal (for the older children) and a Last Supper re-enactment for the younger children in our Atrium.  They loved it!  The pictures are taken "through the door windows" so they aren't the best.

 Miriam is kind of hidden and looking away unfortunately.
 Luke and Thomas 
 William at his Seder meal.
For the Last Supper re-enactment each of the children had the name of one of the characters in the Last Supper - Miriam was Mary, Thomas was Thomas and Luke was Joseph of Arimethea.
 John enjoying some time outdoors.
 Who knew a mattress makes a great tent/hideout? 
 Moving day arrived!!  We are so grateful for the many helpers we had to load and unload the truck - everything went well and now we're just trying to dig ourselves out of boxes. :-)  We felt especially blessed to have a pastor on either side of the move present.  Msgr. John McDermott helped us load up at Christ the King rectory which will be his future home and Father Henry Furman from our new parish - St. Luke's stopped by to bless the food and our house and helpers.

 William and Miriam participated in a Dramatization of the Passion and living stations of the Cross for the "Jubilee of the youth that took place today for the Year of Mercy.
 William turned 10 on St. Joseph's Day and got a new house and watch for his birthday :-)

We had our first wild-life siting.  A playful fox out in broad daylight just chasing whatever was out in our field on moving day!

Highlights from the week:

What an amazing week!  We feel truly blessed to be in our new home!!!  As we unpack the boxes and put things in order I'll take more pictures to post but there is plenty of room for everyone to come visit now.  We even have our own campground in the backyard ;-)   Next week we will welcome our first guest - Aunt Jenny who's visiting on Easter Monday and we can't wait to see her.

And now that we have entered into the most amazing week of the year we pray that each of you enter more fully into the Paschal Mystery through the Liturgy of Holy Week!  Please pray for us as well!

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