Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 Week 8 In Review

The Week in Pictures
 A surprise package arrived from Aunt Susan who lives in San Diego and the kids were so excited to open their presents. :-)
Thomas shows off his fishing game. 
William was so excited to assemble his "Tin Can Robot."
Miriam was excited to get new books from Aunt Susan!
Luke showing off his "bat ball" and new green shirt. 
 William posing in his cowboy attire just for fun. 
We took a trip to our local Burger King play place for a Saturday lunch time outing.

 William spent Saturday afternoon assembling his "tin can robot" from Aunt Susan.
 Family Monopoly Night after haircuts for the boys
Sunday morning comics
 Miriam helped make cinnamon roll bread today!

Highlights from the Week: 

The week passed quickly with a day off for President's day on Monday (Phil had the day off so we had a nice day with Dad), the monthly home school co-op on Wednesday and Atrium on Thursday.

We are continuing through the home-buying process and everything looks good - the last big hurdle is the appraisal.  Hopefully the house is worth at least what we offered. :-)  

We had to fish out a box of books from the garage for Miriam because she's reading everything in sight!  She's now read Charlotte's Web, the three Indian in the Cupboard books, The Saints in Story, several Calvin and Hobbes books  and many shorter library books - it's fun to seeing her enjoy reading so much!  

Praise the Lord for His many blessings!  Life in Vermont is not without its daily challenges but among the challenges are so many blessings and affirmations that this is where God has called our family to be and we rejoice in His plan.  Phil continues to enjoy his work at the Diocese of Burlington and we continue to meet and get to know new friends in the area.  We definitely miss our many friends and the community we had in Green Bay but we know that the sacrifices God has called us to make are efficacious in His plan so we abandon ourselves to His Will and find comfort in His Sacred Heart.  May God bless each of you and your families!  Our prayers are with you - please pray for us as well!

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