Sunday, February 14, 2016

2016 Week 7 In Review

The Week in Pictures: 
 Working on our Catholic School House Art projects.  Thomas is making his Roman Fresco in the abstract art style..  
 Luke and William show off their tromp de l'oeil Roman Arch and Roman Fresco.

 Thomas helping to clean up the play room. 
 John turned 10 months old on Ash Wednesday. 
 Ash Wednesday at the Diocesan Offices with Dad. 

 My little knights

 Tom can write his name - sort of.  Not bad for a three year old though.  
 Tired after a busy day of homeschooling, Thomas fell asleep at the dinner table.  
 St. Valentine's Day flowers to brighten up the room :-)
 Phil and I got to enjoy an evening out.  A local catholic women's group sponsored an evening for couples with a nice dinner, the Augustine Institute's Session one of "Beloved" and time for discussion with free babysitting.  We enjoyed our time there and the materials from the Augustine Institute are really wonderful and well done!  This picture was taken by Miriam.

A couple of Sunday Morning pictures.  
 Our Saint dolls all lined up :-)
 Today there were a lot of robins in our "front yard" all trying to keep warm in this single digits and below 0 weather.
Phil built a Lego table for the kids this weekend to help keep the little Legos out of John's reach.  

Highlights from the Week: 
1. Everything is going well with the house in Fairfax.  We had the home inspection this week and have ordered the appraisal.  There were only a few minor plumbing and electrical fixes to take care of from the inspection - everything else looks good.  God willing, in a little over a month we'll be in our new home!  We are counting down the days and can't wait to be in a permanent home again.  John's new found skills, coupled with 4 older siblings who have toys with small parts (read Legos) and our temporary circumstances have made it challenging to "baby proof" so I'll be grateful when there are more "baby safe" spaces.  

2. We are entering into the Lenten season in our temporary home without some of the materials we would normally use (they are in boxes) so we're doing some new sacrifices to help prepare our hearts for Easter and strengthen us in virtue.   Our pastor had a really beautiful reflection on how the Lenten penances that we do are strengthening our "spiritual muscles" to give us strength to carry our Cross and follow Christ on our path to holiness so together we are striving to do just a little more each day for Our Lord who has given everything for us.  

Our prayers are with you especially during this Holy Lenten Season!  We are so grateful for this time to look into our hearts and see how we can love others better and do more to become more like Our Lord and Blessed Mother!  May God bless you and your families - please pray for us too!

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