Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our 100th day of school

Today is our 100th day of homeschooling this year!  
We planned some fun activities to help us celebrate this milestone.

We started off the day with pancakes shaped as a 100.

We were ready to attend classes at our homeschool Co-Op but due to weather (Icy roads and freezing rain) classes were cancelled.  It's a good thing we homeschool so our 100th day of school could still take place :-)
I saw this cute idea to make 100th day glasses on Pinterest and what's a celebration without balloons?

 For Math we did this fun activity where the kids see how many rolls of the dice it takes to get to 100 (also found on Pinterest :-)

Luke decided to play with his car and chalk instead of rolling the die :-)
We also read a story and sang a song that we found in a book at the Library.
Miriam and Luke loved the song from the book "50 Thematic songs sung to your favorite tunes" (sung to 99 bottles of beer on the wall):
"100 days of school in all, 
100 days of school.
We managed to count a large amount, 
100 days of school in all."

The book,100th Day Worries, showed the various ways to count to 100 and it was a fun story to read.

Finally, we had the opportunity to attend Mass in the extraordinary form offered by our Associate Pastor Father Peter Wigton. (The Church is really close to our house and the roads were pretty well salted by Mass time.)

All in all it was a pretty fun day- now on to the next 100 days :-)

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