Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Family Update

Where to begin?  Since I last wrote in January, life has really changed for the Lawson family! 

William turned six on March 19.

Miriam turned four on April19.

On April 21st my grandfather turned 102 and on May 15th, he left us to go home to God - we miss you Papa but are grateful for great blessing you have been to our family!
Taken October 2011

Luke turned two on June 2.

In June after much prayer and discernment, Phil decided to accept a job in Gaylord, MI that has been a great challenge and blessing for us as well as an exercise in trusting in God's providence.  We put our house on the market; sold, gave away and packed our belongings.  In the midst of this I flew to San Diego for my Grandfather's funeral which was the first time all 10 kids in my family had been together since my sister entered the convent.
The Gomez family
Then, for two weeks Phil was home only on weekends while the kids and I wrapped up the packing, cleaning, getting the house into showing condition, saying goodbye to our many beloved friends, and well everything in Wisconsin.

In July we made the 7 hour trip to our temporary rental home in MI with just the basics (all that fit in our two vehicles and a 5x8 trailer) that we would need for the month or so and joined Phil on this great adventure of adjusting to life in Michigan.

One of the sights along the trip to MI through the Upper Peninsula. (rest stop)
Lake Michigan - the water was very shallow and the kids had fun walking out to the "island" far from shore.

Miriam enjoys the sand and water along the coast of Lake Michigan (rest stop)

Who knew? They have an Elk preserve in the town of Gaylord where you can observe live Elk up close.  One of the great sights we can show you if you come to visit!
Since then, at the beginning of August, Phil and William returned to WI to check on the house and gather our needed materials for homeschooling.  We wanted to get an early start since Baby #4 is due at the end of September. 
our temporary classroom

We currently have an accepted offer to sell our home and are praying all goes well (though unfortunately the septic inspection failed which requires more negotiations), a kind Parishioner at the Parish Phil works offered us their home for the winter since they are only here in the summer and so we've moved to a new temporary home.  On August 31st, Phil's planning to go back for "the big move" to bring all our belongings from WI to MI.  We're still waiting for the final details to be worked out in the selling of our WI home so we can buy a home here in MI but in the mean time we're grateful for the many ways in which God has provided for our family and blessed us in our new home.

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