Monday, November 28, 2011


Happy Liturgical New Year!   We are excited to be entering the season of Advent and beginning to prepare our hearts and home for Jesus's coming at Christmas.  Here are a few things we are doing in our home to get ready for Our Lord's coming:

We are practicing the New Mass responses and learning about the Mass using Magnifikids great resource for Sunday Liturgy.

We have our Advent Wreath hung and ready to be lit with our family meal each night.  We say a special prayer and sing O Come, O Come Emmanuel as we light the Candle.

We have our Jesse Tree up and ready and each day we read from the Bible and learn about the history of God's people waiting for their Savior to come.  Then we hang a simple ornament with a symbol to help us remember a main point from the Bible story.

I have wrapped enough Christmas books (in the Christmas Tree bag) for each day of Advent and so we will unwrap and read a book each day.  

Here's a peek inside - I used newspaper since it's easier, more economical and the kids are just happy to open the books:-)

I also wrapped the figures to the Nativity set we own and each day we'll add a figure to our Nativity scene for the children to play with and get ready for Jesus's arrival.  The children will be able to add straw (we're going to shred the yellow construction paper) to Jesus's cradle for each act of kindness towards others - so they can prepare a bed for baby Jesus. 

There are so many great ways to celebrate Advent!  I love reading blogs (check out my side bar for some great ones) and checking out ideas on pinterest for inspiration. How does your family celebrate Advent?

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  1. I love the idea about newspaper wrapping paper! Makes sense to me, maybe I'll try that next year when I can't find purple. I friend of mine wrapped her books in pieces of a plastic purple table cloth. You can see through the table cloth, but it looked great with the bright purple wrapping! I love reading everyone's ideas too to celebrate Advent. It's hard not to get overwhelmed though, but we can't do it all right? Have a blessed Advent!