Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Phil turns 35

On October 19th, Phil celebrated his 35th birthday.  The kids had fun making the day special for him.  
Decorating the cake - it was a chocolate cake with ice cream in the middle
 He had to work all day and we had planned to celebrate on Thursday but we got everything ready on Wednesday.

We decorated with m&m's - Dad's favorite

The cards, cake and gifts were ready when he got home Wednesday

The kids got to stay up a bit later to wish him a happy birthday

He got to open his presents too

Then of course we had to try the cake and sing Happy Birthday!

In case you are wondering - it's Michael D. Obrien's latest book - "A Father's Tale"
We got to celebrate on Thursday, too:-) 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Phil! Looks like you made it past 33, that's the year I'm worried about. ;-) Continued blessings on your 35th year!!!