Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Ode to our Library and a trip to the Circus

Penguins from Antartica that our Librarian made for story time
We LOVE our Library.  We are there at least once a week and we know all of our librarians by their first names.  It's a smaller library but is part of a larger system with a very easy and efficient book request system.  Another reason we love the library is because of the excellent story time and summer reading programs they have for the children.  Miss Lisa, the librarian who plans story time, has great ideas and really fun books, crafts and activities for the kids.  Miriam and William love Miss Lisa and run to give her a hug or say hello every time we visit the library which is pretty close to once a week or at least every other week - sometimes more often. 

A music program at the Library that featured instruments from around the World
Our summer adventure this week was made possible thanks to the summer reading program.  We went to the Baraboo Circus Museum and had a great time!
Here is Miriam looking at a scale model of the Circus in all its glory
 The Museum was really neat to lok through - they had some great displays, and it was very kid friendly, featuring a dress-up area, coloring table, circus train table and much more...
Lions and tigers, Miriams, Lukes & Phils Oh My!

 Twice a day they offer a children's interactive circus where the kids dress up as the performers and put on a show.  Miriam got to be a tiger,  She did a great job!

 They also have several shows throughout the day and we were amazed at what the performers and animals were able to accomplish.  It was great fun to watch though the kids' favorite part was the clowns. 
Luke enjoyed checking out this unicycle

The highlight for us though was an elephant ride.  Our guide on the ride had been in the circus all his life (he is from Holland originally) and he has seven children (who are homeschooled) four of them performed in the circus show ages 5 to 14.  We enjoyed talking to him as he guided us around the ring and he even gave us a bonus lap. 

It was a great day and definately worth the trip.  We will probably visit again as the kids get older. 

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