Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Triduum and Easter at the Lawsons

On Holy Thursday the kids and I made this representation of the Last Supper  from Catholic Icing to get ready for the evening Holy Thursday Mass.  Not quite like the original but the kids really enjoyed coloring each Apostle and putting them in place.
On Good Friday we made Hot Cross buns.  The recipe came from Evelyn Birge Vitz's "A Continual Feast."
Then on Saturday, we took the kids to the longest Easter Vigil Mass St. Peter's has had yet since everything that could take place through the RCIA did including a whole family being baptized - just like the early Church :-).  It was beautiful!  The Vigil began at 8:30pm and ended after 11:00pm.  

The kids waiting for the Vigil to begin
William and Miriam
get ready for the Easter Vigil
Miriam, Luke and I spent a great deal of the time in the back at least while the Baptisms, Confirmations and 1st Communions took place. But what an amazing tradition to share in - waiting for Jesus to Rise and fulfil His promise of Redemption.  It is so beautiful to be part of this ancient vigil and celebration of Christ's eternal Love and to enter into the Easter joy shown forth in so many ways throughout this Vigil.  My favorite moment is after sitting in the dark through the readings of Salvation History, we get to sing the Gloria and all the Church is lit up and the bells ring to celebrate!

We enjoyed a nice Easter Dinner with Grandma Lawson and later for dessert had a yummy Ice Crem pie.

Christ is Risen Alleluia - now we can celebrate for 50 more days!!

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  1. He has risen indeed! Alleluia! Don't you just love some of those fun crafties at Catholic Icing! I know I do.