Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Deer InciDent

I live in deer country and I know to watch for these gentle creatures with a kamikaze tendency.  The evening around dusk is when deer are really out and at night one must drive carefully...but who expects these gentle creatures to bound in front of your vehicle at 2:00pm in the afternoon?

We were on our way to the doctor's office for William's 5 year old well child visit and a sick child visit for Luke when this unfortunate collision occured.  The Doe did not make it.  She exchanged her tail for our headlight, so for a few short hours we had an authentic "red-neck" hood ornament (Phil graciously it removed for me - unfortunately before I got a picture).  The phrase a "Deer caught in the headlights" now has new meaning for me. 

The damage done-$2400+ is the estimate -thankfully we have full coverage insurance:-).

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