Sunday, April 3, 2011

Days 7 & 8: 20{4)40

141. William's "surprises"
142.  Luke's laughter
143. Miriam bouncing her ball
144. Phil putting the kids to bed
145. Daniel Boone family Movie time
146. That my kids love books
147. A clean pantry!
148. Bedtime prayers
149. my education
150. The freedom to Homeschool my children
151. that my husband takes such good care of our animals
152. for quiet evening time
153. for a delicious dinner with apple tarts for dessert to celebrate Laetare Sunday
154. for the Latin Language as the Universal language of our Church
155. that Phil works for St. Peter's and that he loves his job
156. For all the blessings and trial God gives us
157. for a faithful guard dog
158. the simple pleasures - colored macaroni that kept the kids happy all afternoon
159. for indoor plants
160. that Easter is 3 weeks from today
161. for coupons and sales
162. for great homeschool resources on-line
163. for rummage sales that will soon be starting up
164. for free cycle to help de-clutter
165. for the saints and their wisdom
166. For those who help me to grow closer to God
167. For St. Therese's little way
168. For St. Thomas's Summa
169. For St. Jerome's gift of the Latin Vulgate
170. For St. Anne who gave us Mary
171. For St. Louis de Montfort and His Consecration to Mary
172. St. Maria Goretti and her witness to the virtue of Chastity
173. For St. Bernadette who listened to Our Lady in Lourdes
174. Luke's back pack carrier
175. Miriam's hugs
176.  Miriam's singing - I had to laugh when she sang Row Row Row your boat during the Our Father a Mass - if you don't know the words, make them up :-)
177. having a little girl
178. for my heating pad
179. for my rocking chair
180. for a good night's sleep

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