Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sick Babies

This has been an especially hard winter for my little almost 9 month old Luke.  He has literally been sick from December until now of varying degrees of severity with a few healthy days here and there.  Have any of you had an especially hard winter with sickness?  Those who haven't battled sickness or who have, what has worked for you?  Do you have an immune system booster you rely on?  It seems there is so little you can do for a baby since it is difficult and undesireable to give them most over-the-counter remedies.  With that said, here are the things that work best for us:
For Congestion, coughing especially croup and stuffy noses the thing that works best at least temporarily is to go into the bathroom & turn on the shower with hot water - the steam really helps loosen the congestion.  We also use a humidifier. 
I love vicks baby rub since it can even be used on little babies. 

So I'd love to hear what works for you!


  1. Julia, too, has been sick nearly the same spread. We're using pretty much what you've mentioned above. And as much as I dislike it the bulb syringe on occasion,too. Sickness seems to make it a 'long hard winter,' ugh. I'm curious if you'll get other advice.

  2. Patty--we've had a horribly sick winter, and hopefully we're coming out of it. A few friends recommended to me to increase our vitamin D intake since we almost never go outside when the weather is bad--which has been frequently this winter. So I got the kids some chewables, the baby could take drops--D ViSol I think--and I've been taking 1000 iu in the chewables. This could be purely coincidental, but we've been quite healthy since then. (Maybe we just got every sickness that's out there and now we're immune!) Anyway, if you are having one of those winters, it's worth a shot!

  3. Krissy, Thanks so much for the idea about Vitamin D - I think it is helping - we haven't been completely immune to the sickness but it seems like we've been slower to catch something & Luke especially recovers quicker. I also have something we got from our local co-op that has echinacea & other herbs that are suppose to boost your immune system. It's called herbal resistance liquid.