Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm a JPII Catholic

Around seven years ago as I was discerning my vocation, I felt compelled to take the plunge and sign up on Ave Maria Singles - a Catholic dating site.  God was good to me and only 2 weeks later I met my now husband.  Yet, as I was filling out the many aspects of my profile on the dating site I remember trying to put into words what "type" of Catholic I was.   Conservative, Liberal, Charistmatic, Traditional, Orthodox, Cafeteria, Vatican II, "Christmas and Easter" there are so many labels out there to describe the "types" of Catholics and I didn't feel any of these quite captured the Universality of being Catholic or my experience of the beauty of the Church in its rich and varied manifestations.  I'd been blessed to grow up regularly attending a Tridentine latin Mass, had experienced the beauty and richness of the renewed Liturgy as Vatican II called for the Liturgy to be celebrated while in College, attended the Divine Liturgy of the Byzantine tradition and Marianite Rites, seen the beauty and faith of the vibrant Charismatic community of Christ the King Catholic Church in Ann Arbor, MI and travelled in Europe where I experienced the splendor of the Church and uiversality of the Mass said in any language but especially in Latin.  My experience of the beauties of the Catholic faith was so wide and varied, I could think of only one way to sum it all up - I am a "John Paul II" Catholic.  Praise God for this great saint who gave all for our Church and manifested Christ's love so completely and totally.  What a beautiful day Divine Mercy Sunday will be this year when we can celebrate as a Universal Church Blessed John Paul II soon to be Saint John Paul the Great.

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