Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting ready for Midnight Mass

For Christmas Phil suggested we go to Midnight Mass. My response was "no" at first. Midnight Mass meant taking three little ones age four and under and I kind of wanted them to be awake for Christmas Mass and not grumpy on Christmas Day. Yet Phil had a great desire to go toMidnight Mass and Miriam, even on schedule, was pretty grumpy Christmas Eve so we took a leap and made the trip at midnight with three little ones. To make things easier, we dressed the children in their Church clothes before putting them to bed so here is a video of them on their way to bed.

The Midnight Mass was beautiful and all went quite well - all three of the children slept pretty much through the whole Mass and most of the transitions though we were definately grateful for the extra borrowed laps of "Grandpa" Ray and "Grandma" Cindy as three sleeping children would have been difficult to manage on two laps. What a blessing it was for Mom and Dad to be able to enter into the Christmas mystery more fully!

Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph for the beautiful Christmas gift!

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