Monday, December 21, 2009

Advent Gratitude

Only 4 days until we celebrate our Savior's birth! As I was reading some of my friends blogs I was just stuck by how much I have to be grateful for and what a beautiful gift it is to have a season where we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Incarnate Lord with such joy. I just want to list some of the things I'm thankful for right now :-)

A son who is happily playing with a bucket of snow, and a couple cars in our mud room.

A sweet daughter who is joyfully spinning a chair around in the library and letting me type this blog post.

The baby who is now 17 weeks in utero and that the queasiness is beginning to abate.

A wonderful husband who has so generously helped on a regular basis with dishes, laundry & cleaning & shopping the past few months and is just a great father and spouse.

The many small blessings of everyday - the little joys in smiles and hugs, unexpected happy moments and the gift of being able to spend each day at home with my children.

A beautiful, rich Catholic faith and community that is so much a part of my every day.

And well so much more but my time is up :-) I hope and pray everyone has a truly Merry and Blessed Christmas!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL post! Merry Christmas Lawson Family!