Friday, July 24, 2009

How to make a Saint Paul Pinata

From start to finish this project took about 2 weeks because I let the children add a few layers during their Vacation Bible School week - it could be completed in 1 week if time was short.

Items needed - Time, imagination, recyclable items (listed below), newspaper, flour, water, paint

Step 1: I found a picture online to use as my reference of what St. Paul looked like and then assembled random recyclable items to make the basic shape...I used a cereal box(it will hold the candy), some water bottles/ a pine sol bottle & a milk jug & a hanger I stuck them together with masking tape. It's important that you put a hanger in at the beginning and make sure it will hold the finished pinata.

Step 2: Get the Paper Mache ready - you need flour, water, & newspaper. Tear the paper into strips (it's easier to tear with the grain) & mix 2 parts water to 1 part flour (I always estimate).

Step 3: Prepare the workspace with newspaper & place the strips in the flour/water mixture & then smooth onto the pinata. Make sure to use long strips to secure loose parts - when it dries it will be very strong.

Step 4: Cover the entire front of the pinata and let dry (on a hot summers day, it was ready to move in a couple of hours but it can take a lot more time in cool weather.) As soon as the pinata is dry to the touch, you can turn it over & cover the back. On the same day, I was able to hang my pinata to dry.

Step 5: When the 1st coat on the Pinata is dry, cut a hole and add candy. After it was full, I covered the hole with masking tape & we put two more layers(the 1st 2 days of VBS). I also added a book by "paper mache" ing over a folded newspapar. The more layers you put on the stronger the pinata will be.

Step 6: Paint the Pinata - I just used craft paint from Michael's.

Step 7: I added a sword with Masking tape & then the kids had fun hitting him with a foam covered bat. (see 1st picture)

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