Sunday, June 28, 2009

June at the Lawsons

June has been a fun and busy month for our family! In Wisconsin - spring comes around the beginning of June, the days get much longer & everyone seems to come alive! Lucky for us, this is the time of year when Phil's job isn't quite as busy & he is able to take some vacation time so the first two weeks of June we had dad at home :-) We began by planting our gardens - we have a vegetable garden, a Jesus, Mary & Joseph Flower garden & a strawberry & pumpkin patch.

Another exciting day for us was our trip to Mt. Olympus Water Park in the WI Dells (we got free tickets from our credit union) so the trip only cost us $5 for parking & gas!

Grandma Lawson came to visit us for a weekend after our trip to the Dells. We realised that Miriam definately takes after Phil's side of the family - she looks just like grandma!

The next big event was the arrival of our new guinea fowl - we picked out 4 from the Nordbergs (unfortunately 1 didn't make it throught the first night). I think Cleo is the most excited person in our family - she's been intently watching the keets grow.

That same weekend was our Parish picnic at St. Peter's, while we didn't win the big raffle prize of $2000, William did win a nice mini raffle prize which included a bubble grill, 2 chairs, 2 butterfly nets & bug catching kits - He and Miriam have been really enjoying this prize!

Friday June 19th, The tritz boys came over to play for the morning and here's a picture of the kids enjoying the new bubble grill.

Saturday June 20th, we had a delightful day at the Milwaukee Zoo with Grandma Lawson (we were lucky to get free tickets from Phil's Aunt Kay). William & Miriam really enjoyed the train ride at the end!

For Father's Day, William & Miriam made a special pencil holer with their pictures on it for Dad's desk and gave dad a new hammock. As the month of June comes to an end, we're just enjoying our summer weather and the fun times together with family & friends! From our family to yours - hope you're having a great summer!

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